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Programme for Government

The Programme for Government ‘Our Island - a special place to live and work’,  was brought to Tynwald in January 2017 by the Council of Ministers, where it was agreed by Members. It identifies three strategic objectives:

  • An inclusive and caring society
  • An Island of enterprise and opportunity
  • Financially responsible government

The programme groups outcomes, policy statements and actions under five themes:

  • Enterprise and Opportunity Island
  • Responsible Island
  • Sustainable island
  • Inclusive and Caring Island
  • Healthy and Safe Island

Ministers have listened to the views of Tynwald Members, their constituents, and the business community to develop the programme. Departments have developed detailed plans to deliver the outcomes, and these were approved at the April sitting of Tynwald in 'Delivering the Programme for Government'. The programme will be monitored, and will be updated and debated in Tynwald in October each year.

We also have quarterly updates on Performance.

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