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Open Data

About Open Data

The Open Knowledge Foundation Open Data Handbook defines Open Data 'data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone - subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and sharealike.'

The Isle of Man Government’s commitment to Open Data

In our Programme for Government 2016-20 the Isle of Man Government set out a commitment to 'Continue to make more government information available and increase transparency in the way government delivers its services'. In August 2019 the Council of Ministers approved the Isle of Man Government Open Data Policy (available via downloadable documents), which represents another formal step forward in the Government’s continued commitment to Open Government.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Crime and Justice



Energy and Environment

Financial Intelligence Unit


Health and Social Care



The benefits of Open Data

The sharing of Open Data has a number of benefits including;

  • openness and transparency, encouraging increased interest and engagement from the public with the democratic process

  • increased accountability through enabling public scrutiny of government as well as public interest in the running of government

  • Empowerment of citizens to suggest improvements and developments in public services

  • innovation and new opportunities through access to government data to aid new businesses and entrepreneurs in analysing and accessing potential new markets

  • efficiency through access to information across government departments including the ability for the public toidentify gaps in government datasets

How you can use the data

The Open Data sets on this page are available for reuse under our Open Government Licence. Please ensure you read this before using any of the data available on this page.

The content that is available on  is already available for reuse under the Open Government Licence. In addition to this, we will be striving to make data sources directly available in a machine-consumable format in an effort to make this reusable for the creation of web and mobile applications, data visualisations and more.

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