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Responding to your request

If a public authority holds the information you request and its release is not exempt under the law, they will give the information to you.

A public authority must respond promptly to a valid request, and in any case within 20 working days.

There may be a few exceptions to this, for example, a school or other educational establishment may take longer to respond if you ask for information outside term time.

The benefits

Access to information under the Freedom of Information Act can:

  • Help you to become more informed about how public authorities make decisions.
  • Allow you to participate better in public debate on issues that may affect you or your family.
  • Help you find information to develop ideas or inform your business decisions.

Our commitment

The Isle of Man Government has introduced the Freedom of Information Act to help make public information more easily available and accessible to you.

We are fully committed to complying with the law.

The Freedom of Information Act is designed to make us more accountable and transparent in the way we operate and make decisions.

Everyone who works for Isle of Man Government is required to manage information within the framework of Freedom of Information, Data Protection and Public Records laws.

Employees are given access to information, training, policies and procedures to help them ensure compliance.

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