Public authorities under Freedom of Information law

The following public authorities are under the Freedom of Information Act 2015 law with effect from 1 January 2018:

Departments and Authorities

  • Cabinet Office
  • Department of Education, Sport and Culture
  • Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture
  • Department for Enterprise
  • Department of Health and Social Care
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Department of Infrastructure
  • Treasury
  • Isle of Man Constabulary
  • Clerk of Tynwald

Statutory Boards

  • Office of Fair Trading
  • Isle of Man Financial Services Authority
  • Isle of Man Post Office
  • Manx Utilities Authority
  • Communications Commission
  • Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Public Sector Pensions Authority

Publicly-owned companies

  • e-llan Communications Limited
  • Isle of Man Film Ltd
  • Isle of Man Film (DOI) Ltd
  • Isle of Man Ltd
  • Isle of Man National Transport Ltd
  • Laxey Glen Mills Ltd
  • Manx Cable Company Limited
  • PGT Limited
  • Manx Radio

Other public authorities

  • Attorney General’s Chambers
  • Isle of Man Constabulary
  • Clerk of Tynwald
  • Financial Intelligence Unit
  • General Registry
  • Manx Industrial Relations Service
  • Manx National Heritage
  • Public Services Commission
  • Road Transport Licensing Committee 

All local authorities