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Finance Division

As a Division of the Treasury, Finance Division's purpose and actions are determined by the Treasury's Corporate Plan. The key aim of the Treasury is:

To raise revenues and allocate spending between competing users, in a manner and at a level that maximises the prosperity and quality of life of all the resident population.

The Finance Division's primary objectives are to manage public finances and raise elements of the Treasury's revenue. The Division's responsibilities include: 

  • Providing accountancy advice and services to other areas of Government. This includes the management and preparation of all Government's financial accounts. 
  • Managing Government's investments, borrowings, currency and insurance, including the issue of Manx currency and Manx coins. 
  • Collecting revenues including Water and other Rating income.
  • Managing and administrating the Government’s corporate financial systems. 
  • Payroll and creditor payments which can now be paid online. 
  • Rating and valuation of land and properties for Authorities and Government Departments which can now be paid online.
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