The Social Security Legislation Volumes, subject to a few exceptions, do not reproduce provisions superseded at or before its latest supplement. A supplement means the uploading of amended documents to keep the work up to date.

Generally the text of this work represents those provisions which were in force at the date of the latest supplement, or were due to come into force very shortly afterwards. Provisions and amendments which have been repealed or revoked or otherwise superseded, and provisions which simply amend an earlier measure without special savings, are not normally reproduced.

The deletion or omission of provisions is generally explained in footnotes. The new provision or new words are enclosed in square brackets with a figure referring to the footnote, so that amendments can be clearly seen. If indicated in an Act by a row of dots, this will be explained in a list of omissions at the end of that Act (the “Backbit”). There may also be a list with the Act's commencement dates. Where a row of dots is present and there is no footnote or backbit explaining the dots this indicates the provision has not been applied to the Island.

The work aims to reflect all textual amendments which have come into force. It does not however purport to reflect all blanket amendments (e.g., amendments required by Transfer of Functions Orders, etc.), or amendments to references in Statutory Instruments to provisions which are affected by a consolidation of an Act or of another Statutory Instrument.

A supplement will generally be issued soon after the changes effected by the new provisions covered by it are commenced. New provisions which have been passed or made but which have not yet come into force may also be included in a supplement where, for example, there is a need for practitioners to consult them for implementation or planning purposes. Provisions not yet commenced are printed in Italic Garamond 14 to distinguish them from provisions which have come into force for any purpose (other than purely for making subordinate legislation), which are printed in normal Roman type.

Superseded provisions which are transitionally or permanently saved (e.g. for particular purposes, particular people or particular situations) are normally retained in the text together with explanatory annotations if the savings are substantial. Where however the savings are of a common form or obvious nature, or of limited application or minor importance, the saved provisions are not normally retained in the text, though the fact that there are savings is normally mentioned in the annotation, and sometimes the saving provision is reproduced in the text or summarised in the annotation. Where both the up-to-date version and a transitionally saved earlier version of the same provision are reproduced, the latter is in Arial 11 print.

Arial 11 print also indicates that, although the text so printed is now repealed or otherwise inoperative, it is reproduced in order to make sense of provisions which remain in force.

This work does not purport to be authority for any legislation provision. It seeks to avoid anything which might be construed as a comment on, or interpretation of, a statute or other instrument. Thus material which appears to be misprinted or mispunctuated may be an exact and deliberate reproduction of material published by authority. Even so, please email the Division to inform us if any textual error or broken links are found.