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Update 15/04/20: COVID-19

In line with other areas of the Justice System in the Isle of Man, the Legal Aid Committee has decided that, whilst the Emergency Provisions (Prohibition on Movement) Regulations 2020 are in force, the following will apply:

If the Advocate is unable to sign the application, request for payment etc. they should send an e-mail or covering letter and make the following undertaking to the Legal Aid Certifying Officer:

'Please find attached a [Green Form/ Legal Aid application form/ Request for an extension/ Request for an interim payment etc.] in relation to [matter or Assisted Person………… Legal Aid Reference number……………].

Due to the current measures introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic I am currently unable to sign the attached and I am unable to submit an original at this time; however I undertake to provide a signed original to the Legal Aid Office as soon as possible after the current COVID-19 measures are lifted.'

This declaration must then be attached to the e-mail and sent to the Legal Aid Office at  

In order to assist the Legal Aid Office and to ensure continuing compliance with GDPR this declaration must be attached to each individual application and request for payment.

The Legal Aid Office has already implemented a procedure whereby an Advocate wishing to send out an application form/Green Form to an individual must request permission to do so from the Legal Aid Certifying Officer. This e-mail request should include the individual’s name and reason(s) why the application is being dealt with in this manner. The Legal Aid Office log the request and send a response. This procedure has now been reviewed to include telephone/video conferencing advice. 

When submitting the Application form, Emergency Application or Green form the Advocate should attach within the e-mail the following declaration:

'I (name of Advocate) was authorised by the Legal Aid Certifying Officer on (date) to gain details from my client (full name) by telephone/e-mail/scanned documentation in order to complete the application form and to provide telephone legal advice.  Due to the current measures introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic I am currently unable to obtain a signature from my client however I have explained to them that should they provide false information they may be prosecuted.'

  • All guidance on completing the form should be provided by the Advocate.
  • Quality standards still apply and the onus is upon the Advocate to be satisfied as to the identity of the person with whom they are dealing.
  • Applications will not be accepted directly from members of the public.      

In order to assist with cash flow for the Advocates the Committee also considered the current arrangement for Interim Payments. 

Please see below the extract from the Advocates Handbook:-

6.3         Interim billing  

  • An interim bill may be submitted once the Legal Aid Certificate has been in existence for 12 months and may be submitted every 12 months thereafter.
  • Advocates may submit an interim bill every six months if it exceeds £1,000. Only 75% of the bill will be paid.
  • Requests for an interim payment should be submitted to the Legal Aid office in the same format as a Bill of Costs, and clearly marked as a request for an interim payment.

The Committee agreed that Advocates may now submit requests for an interim payment providing the Legal Aid Certificate has been in existence for at least one month. The other conditions will remain as is.

It is inevitable that should the Office receive a large number of requests for payment there will be some delay. It will assist if Advocates could double check any Applications for Legal Aid or requests for payment to ensure they are complete to avoid the Legal Aid staff having to ask for additional information. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Update 25/03/20: COVID-19

Please direct ALL Legal Aid queries to the Legal Aid Inbox: as the phones may not be manned at this time.

On a temporary basis, ALL requests for payments (including Green Forms, Interims, Disbursements and Duty Advocate Schemes) should be sent via email to the above address.

We continue to be in regular contact with the Law Society to make them aware of any further updates.

Thank you for your patience at this time and best wishes from the Legal Aid Team.

This page provides resources for Advocates carrying out Legal Aid work in the Isle of Man.

We’ve updated the Legal Aid Handbook for Advocates and the most recent version was published in November 2019.   

We attend the Legal Aid User Group with the Law Society.

Contact us:

  • To apply to join the panel . When you are invited to meet with the Certifying Officer you will be asked to bring examples of cases and evidence of supervision arrangements.
  • To update your details on the Legal Aid Panel list
  • To suggest amendments to the handbook or any of our other guidance
  • To request Legal Aid and Green Form application forms
  • For printed copies of the legal aid leaflet. This is available in other formats on request.


Please make sure you’re using the most recent version of the forms which now contain version numbers and dates. For any forms not available from this webpage, please contact us.

When submitting Legal Aid application forms please make sure your client’s name and Legal Aid reference number is in the email subject. When sending correspondence about more than one client, please make sure you send separate emails.

Rotas, forms and guidance on the Police and Court Duty Advocate schemes are available from the IoM Law Society

If you are on the Legal Aid Panel, please let us know about any changes which affect your status e.g. change of firms/contact details.

Duty advocate claim forms

CDA claim form - senior

CDA claim form - junior

PDA call out claim form - senior

PDA call out claim form - junior

PDA on-call claim form - senior

PDA on-call claim form - junior


Legal Aid Handbook 6th edition (August 2019)

Legal Aid extension form

Green Form extension form

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