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Resources for advocates

This page provides resources for Advocates carrying out Legal Aid work in the Isle of Man.

We’ve updated the Legal Aid Handbook for Advocates and the most recent version was published in November 2019.   

We attend the Legal Aid User Group with the Law Society.

Contact us

  • To apply to join the panel. When you are invited to meet with the Certifying Officer you will be asked to bring examples of cases and evidence of supervision arrangements.
  • To update your details on the Legal Aid Panel list
  • To suggest amendments to the handbook or any of our other guidance
  • To request Legal Aid and Green Form application forms
  • For printed copies of the legal aid leaflet. This is available in other formats on request.


Please make sure you’re using the most recent version of the forms which now contain version numbers and dates. For any forms not available from this webpage, please contact us.

When submitting Legal Aid application forms please make sure your client’s name and Legal Aid reference number is in the email subject. When sending correspondence about more than one client, please make sure you send separate emails.

Rotas, forms and guidance on the Police and Court Duty Advocate schemes are available from the IoM Law Society

If you are on the Legal Aid Panel, please let us know about any changes which affect your status e.g. change of firms/contact details.

Duty advocate claim forms

CDA claim form - senior

CDA claim form - junior

PDA call out claim form - senior

PDA call out claim form - junior

PDA on-call claim form - senior

PDA on-call claim form - junior


Legal Aid Handbook 6th edition (August 2019)

Legal Aid extension form

Green Form extension form

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