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Legal Aid Committee - Consultation 2016

Review of Access to Legal Advice and Representation

The Committee carried out consultation on the future of the Legal Aid service in 2016. We published the 'Review of Developments in Legal Aid - Legal Aid Committee Interim Consultative Report for the period 2013 – 2016' and held a seminar in April 2016.

We have now published a report summarising the responses to the consultation. Download the Legal Aid Consultation 2016 - Summary Results Report

During the consultation carried out in 2016 we:

  • Met with relevant organisations
  • Considered ways of engaging groups of end users
  • Held briefing sessions for Advocates undertaking Legal Aid work and trainee advocates
  • Carried out preliminary research on Legal Aid developments in England, Wales and Scotland and initiated opportunities for exploration via the British Isles Legal Aid network
  • Reviewed previous reports on Legal Aid
  • Liaised with relevant IoM Government Ministers
  • Invited written responses to the formal public consultation
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