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Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains what information Treasury collects and what that information is used for.

The Treasury (including the Assessor of Income Tax and Collector of Customs and Excise) is a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Data Protection (Application of GDPR) Order 2018 and the Data Protection (Application of LED) Order 2018, together with any regulations made under them (Manx Data Protection Legislation).

When we collect your personal data we will:

  • Only collect what we need and no more
  • Keep your information secure
  • Tell you how we will use your information
  • Delete your information when it is no longer needed
  • Only process your information in line with the Manx Data Protection Legislation.

This Privacy Notice defines what happens when you give personal information to the Treasury and will explain:

  • What information is collected and why
  • Who is collecting it
  • How it is collected
  • Why it is being collected
  • How it will be used
  • How long it will be kept
  • Who it will be shared with
  • How your information will be kept secure
  • Your choices, including how to access and update information

If you have any questions or comments on this Privacy Notice please email the Data Protection Officer for the Treasury.

To contact the Data Protection Officer for the Treasury:


Phone: +44 1624 686791

Financial Governance Division,
First Floor,
Central Government Offices,
Bucks Road,
IM1 3PX,
Isle of Man

How and why we ask you to share your personal information

We collect and process information, including personal data, to provide effective and efficient services and so that we may carry out our lawful functions.

We use your personal data in line with the rules set out in the Manx Data Protection Legislation for the following reasons:

  • Where you have agreed to the process
  • To allow Treasury to communicate with you
  • To process payments you make to Treasury
  • To make payments to you
  • To provide access to other services provided by Treasury
  • To analyse the use and quality of our services and to make improvements

Treasury holds your information for the following purposes:

  • Assessment and collection of tax, national insurance contributions, rates, VAT, customs and excise duties and other indirect taxes;
  • Making refunds and repayments of tax, national insurance contributions, rates, VAT, customs and excise duties and other indirect taxes
  • Assessing entitlement to social security benefits, state pensions and other payments out of the national insurance fund, and making payments as appropriate
  • Enforcing import and export legislation and financial sanctions
  • Administering the national minimum wage, grants and loans, the legal aid system, courts (civil, family, summary and high court), tribunals and discharge of court business, criminal injuries compensation panel, government debts including factoring of debts and international tax exchange agreements
  • Prevention and detection of crime
  • Carrying out research and statistical analysis including insurance risk management, economic and social research in relation to residents and visitors
  • General administration, staff administration, education and training, accounts and records and advertising, marketing and public relations.
  • Giving advice or rendering professional services and provision of services of an advisory, consultancy or intermediary nature, including Isle of Man job centre careers advice
  • The provision of any service to others, including disability employment services register of local disabled people looking for employment and monitoring of employed disabled people

What types of personal data do we collect about you

Category of dataExamples of that type of data
Personal details Name, email address, telephone number, address
Personal details of third parties, including members of your family spouse, civil partner, your children and anyone else who lives with you Their name, address, date of birth, gender
Personal identification data Name, title, date of birth, gender
Government identifiers Tax Reference Number, National Insurance Number,
Financial details Invoice number, income and expenditure details, wealth, debts, bank account details
Employment details  Past, current and prospective employers, amounts paid, pension scheme details
Goods or services provided  details of the goods or services supplied such as licences issued, agreements and contracts.
Education and training details  Academic qualifications, training courses undertaken or to be undertaken, CPD details
Family, lifestyle and social circumstances Dependents, marital status, next of kin and contact details
Other information Feedback, comments, complaints

We may also process certain special categories of information for specific and limited purposes such as detecting and preventing crime. We will only process special categories of information where we have obtained your explicit consent or are otherwise lawfully permitted to do so. This may include:

  • Information about racial or ethnic origin
  • Political opinions
  • Religious or philosophical beliefs
  • Trade union membership
  • Genetic data, biometric data
  • Data concerning health
  • Criminal proceedings, outcomes and sentences;
  • Details of Civil, Family and Tribunal cases
  • Offences (including alleged offences)

Legal basis we use to process your personal data

Treasury will only process your personal data if it is lawful to do so. We may rely on:

  • Your consent – if we rely on your consent to process your data you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the Data Protection Officer for the Treasury
  • The need to meet a legal obligation in carrying out our statutory functions
  • The need to meet a request you have made for information or a service
  • The need to prevent or investigate suspected or actual violations of law
  • The need to protect the public interest
  • The need to retain information for historical or archiving purposes by the Public Record Office under the Public Records Act 1999

How long do we keep your personal data?

We will only keep your information for the minimum time necessary in accordance with Treasury’s retention periods.

This may be to:

  • Respond to an enquiry from you
  • To meet a legal obligation in carrying out our statutory functions
  • Conclude financial end of year processing
  • Review an award of a Social Security benefit or a state pension

The default standard retention period for Treasury records is 6 years plus current year, otherwise known as 6 years +1. This is defined as 6 years after the last entry in a record followed by first review and/or destruction to be carried out in the additional current (+1) accounting year.

Records are only retained beyond the default Treasury retention period if their retention can be justified for statutory, regulatory, legal or security reasons or for their historic value.

Protecting your information

The security and confidentiality of your information is very important to us.

Treasury will:

  • Ensure safeguards are in place to make sure personal data is kept secure in compliance with our information security policy and standards;
  • Ensure that your data remains under the control of our authorised controllers and processors with adequate safeguards to protect your rights
  • Ensure only authorised staff are able to view your data
  • Not make your information available for commercial use
  • Only ask you for what is needed

Sharing the information we collect about you

We may share your information with third parties, such as:

  • Other IoM Government Departments, Boards and Offices to provide a service or information you have requested, or where it is otherwise lawful to do so
  • UK Government Departments, such as HMRC, the Home Office, HM Treasury and the Department for Work and Pensions, for taxation, National Insurance, benefits and state pension purposes
  • Foreign tax and customs authorities; state pensions and benefits purposes
  • TV Licensing on behalf of the BBC, in relation to an age-related concession
  • Medical practitioners and other health care professionals, in connection with claims for certain Social Security benefits
  • The police or law enforcement agencies in any country to meet international obligations, e.g. for the prevention or detection of crime;
  • Fraud prevention agencies
  • Advocates and lawyers, if it is required in connection with legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings
  • The Courts and tribunals
  • IoM Post, for mailing and benefit payment purposes
  • External contractors, who maintain and development our information and communications infrastructure

We will not sell your personal data to other companies, organisations or individuals.

Treasury will only share your personal data with other companies, governments, competent authorities, organisations or individuals where it is fair and lawful for us to do so.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party not mentioned above without your prior consent or where Treasury is required to do so by law.

Your Rights

To ask if we hold personal information about you

You can ask to see any information we hold about you by making a Subject Access Request.

You can review your personal information and ensure it is accurate

Where possible we will provide you with access to the information we hold about you so that you can view this information and provide a means for you to have this information changed if it is not accurate.

To remove your personal information

In certain circumstances you can ask for your information to be deleted. Please note that as part of the Treasury’s statutory functions some information may need to be retained.

To make a complaint

If you are unhappy with the way we deal with your personal information you can submit a complaint to the Data Protection Officer for the Treasury who will work with you to resolve any issues.

Telephone: +44 1624 686791

Financial Governance Division,
First Floor,
Central Government Offices,
Bucks Road,
IM1 3PX,
Isle of Man

The Isle of Man’s Information Commissioner is the independent authority responsible for upholding the public's information rights and promoting and enforcing compliance with the Island's information rights legislation.

You have the right to request the Information Commissioner to undertake an assessment as to whether the processing of your personal data has been carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Manx Data Protection Legislation .

Will this privacy notice change?

This Privacy Notice may change. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Notice without your consent. If any significant change is made to this Privacy Notice we will provide a prominent notice on the Treasury Privacy Notice webpage so you can review changes.

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