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Manx Development Corporation

Welcome to the Manx Development Corporation!

We are an exciting, new company, operating at arms-length from our sole Shareholder, the Isle of Man Treasury. We are here to make a long-term contribution to urban and brownfield regeneration on our beautiful, vibrant Island. We want to share with you how we intend to make a difference. We are seeking exceptional individuals to join us on our journey. You will find the link to the vacancies at the bottom of the page.

Our Vision

That the Island’s urban landscape will be perceived by its residents as vibrant, safe, of high design quality and environmentally efficient, and a key contributor to increased inward investment and recognition as a top International Business Centre.          

In the late 19th Century, our ancestors embarked on an ambitious townscape modernisation programme, responding to an increase in the resident population within the Island’s principal towns and the year-on-year growth in tourists. The Island’s ensuing prosperity was, in large part, due to the Vision of a number of forward-thinking individuals who shared a common Purpose in wanting to ensure that the Island’s townscapes and infrastructure would serve the immediate and future needs of the Island’s economy, social fabric and tourism industry. Our ancestors’ courage in implementing an innovative masterplan is a legacy which the Manx Development Corporation has now inherited. We are charged by the Isle of Man Government to deliver on a modern-day Vision, based on a Purpose which ensures that our children, their children and all other stakeholders feel equally positive about the legacy that we will leave.

Our Purpose

To be a catalyst for the positive transformation of the Island’s urban landscape for the benefit of all Manx Citizens.      

The Isle of Man Government is already engaged in creating conditions to stimulate economic recovery by supporting the Island’s businesses and communities to recover from the impact of Covid, proactively encouraging inward investment, increasing the working population through migration and strengthening the value proposition as a tourist destination.

The Manx Development Corporation is part of the strategy for realizing economic, social and environmental benefits through enabling full utilization of government owned land and property assets and acting as a catalyst for regeneration and repurposing of urban and brownfield sites.

The Manx Development Corporation can make a unique contribution to the transformation of the Island’s unoccupied or previously developed sites, as part of the Island’s property development ecosystem, delivering regeneration solutions that integrate design quality, environmental sustainability, spatial enhancement and improvements to public realm. We believe that this is a compelling reason for you to be part of our success story.

Employment Opportunities

The following roles are currently open for applications:

Chair of the Board – an accomplished business leader with significant Board experience and a professional understanding of property development/construction. PDF Candidate Information Pack  

Non-Executive Director - highly experienced in Property Development or an allied industry.

Non-Executive Director - highly experienced in Financial Governance and Internal Controls.
PDF Candidate Information Pack

Managing Director - an experienced senior manager or business owner with a track record of achievement in Property Development and managing large projects.  PDF Candidate Information Pack 


If you have questions regarding the roles available in the Manx Development Corporation, please contact:

Andrew Stewart
Head of Policy & Strategy,
Department for Enterprise
Telephone: +44 1624 687151

The documents found under ‘Related Links’ lead to a range of reports and, including Parliamentary and commissioned reports, showing how the formation of the Manx Development Corporation is the culmination of research and consultation, investigating the best way to accelerate urban regeneration.

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