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Financial Governance Division

The Division provides the strategic support needed to facilitate the effective operation of the Treasury through the provision of support services to the Treasury Board and consultative committees of the Treasury and the operational support to manage public finances and raise elements of the Treasury revenue. Sarah De-Yoxall is the Deputy Chief Financial Officer.

In addition to this, Financial Governance Division provides the following services:

  • Coordination and presentation of the annual Isle of Man Budget

  • Provides policy and financial accounting related advice to the Treasury Board, other Departments, the Council of Ministers and Tynwald

  • Provides a resource for the Chief Financial Officer in progressing strategic project and legislative work which does not fall directly within the remit of any other Division

  • Strategic Asset and Capital Investment Committee (SACIC) provides oversight and coordination of Government’s capital programme
  • Providing accountancy advice and services to other areas of Government. This includes the management and preparation of all Government’s financial accounts

  • Managing Government’s investments, borrowings, currency and insurance, including the issue of Manx currency and Manx coins

  • Rating and valuation of land and properties for Authorities and Government Departments which can now be paid online

  • Managing and administering the Government’s corporate financial systems

  • Administer any property physically located in the Isle of Man which is bona vacantia to hold in trust for the Crown.
Financial Governance Division

1st Floor

Government Offices

Bucks Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 685980

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