Waste strategy 2012 to 2022

Waste affects us all we all contribute waste to our society and we all have a responsibility to ensure it is managed in a way that does not negatively impact on our environment.

The Waste Policy and Strategy 2012 to 2022 were developed to provide the Island with a clear focus and direction for how waste should be managed for the next 10 years. It is clear in developing this strategy that Government cannot act alone and we must work in partnership with Local Government, Industry, Households and other community and interest groups.

The process of updating our Waste Policy and Strategy was hugely assisted by the formation of a Waste Policy Review Group. This group contained political membership, representatives from the main waste producing sectors, Local Authorities represented by the Isle of Man Municipal Association, DEFA Waste regulation, Zero Waste Man and Friends of the Earth. An all-island consultation was also carried out which generated over 400 responses both online and written.

The Department’s vision for waste management in the Isle of Man is ‘Towards Zero Waste’.

Towards Zero Waste sets a vision for a zero waste Island. This vision describes a position where waste is seen as a valuable resource. We will promote an environment to minimise its creation. Where it has been created, we will exploit its uses to the advantage of the Manx community.

Under pinning this vision are four key Policies:-

  1. Legislation and Structure – to provide guidance and appropriate legislation.
  2. Waste Hierarchy – using a guiding principle to determine how we prioritise our efforts and resources
  3. Economics of waste – where we will discourage waste generation through cost-reflective tariffs following the “user pays principle”
  4. Waste Infrastructure – where we ensure the Island has the appropriate infrastructure to deal with its waste.

Successful delivery of this strategy will be measured by two high level performance targets:-

By 2022 we will increase recycling levels from the current 50% to 70% and decrease our levels of landfill down from 25% to 5%.

The revised Waste Policy and Strategy contains commitments not only for Government but other key sectors which together set a clear direction towards a Zero Waste Island.

Working together we can ensure the Isle of Man continues to manage its waste responsibly, sustainably and cost effectively and that our targets for 2022 are delivered.

Waste Consultation

The subject of waste has attracted a lot of interest in recent years. The links established with increased greenhouse gas production have seen Governments set the challenge of implementing a range of policies and legislation directing all aspects of waste management from treatment and disposal options, to the management of specific types of waste. Measures are focused on:

  • reducing the level of waste disposed of via landfill
  • adopting more sustainable practices that treat waste as a resource
  • reducing harmful emissions to the environment
  • where the value of energy is recovered and how the producer takes responsibility for the cost of dealing with its waste.

The Isle of Man shares these concerns, something which can be seen through the evolution of policies and a strategic approach towards waste .

Our intention is to prepare the waste policy to be approved by the Department later in the year.

We have set questions in a number of areas where we are particularly keen to receive your thoughts. If there are matters you think we have missed, or have not focussed on enough, please let us know in your response.

Graham Cregeen MHK talks about the Department of Infrastructure's Waste Consultation.

This consultation has been produced in partnership with representatives from the Employers Federation, Municipal Association, Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Chamber of Commerce, Friends of the Earth and Zero Waste Mann.

Please use the links provided to complete the Consultation Survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/wasteconsultation or to view the consultation.