Annual rent setting process under way

Monday, 2 October 2017

The Department of Infrastructure is currently gathering the views of the Island’s local housing authorities as part of the annual rent setting process.

As in previous years, feedback is being invited from Commissioners and Councillors on the level of any proposed increase in rent paid by the tenants of public sector properties.

Submissions from the 15 local housing authorities will help the Department to take forward a proposal for 2018-19 to the Council of Ministers.

Julie Edge MHK, Department Member with political responsibility for Public Estates and Housing, said:

‘We recognise that members of the local housing authorities have strong views on public sector rents and their input is an important element of the annual rent setting process. They have been asked to respond before the end of October, with a view to the Department presenting any changes to rents and allowances to the Council of Ministers for agreement in early December and implementation in April 2018.’

She added:

‘There is a need to strike a balance between affordability to the individual and the sustainability of public sector housing provision. The cost of providing public sector housing continues to outstrip rental income and the Department is required to fund the difference.’

The 2017-18 public sector rent increase was set at 2%, which resulted in a rise of £1.10 a week for a one-bedroom flat and £1.87 a week for a three-bedroom house.

Tenants who have their rent costs met as part of their income-assessed Social Security benefits were not affected by the changes.

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