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Local Government Unit and Legislation

The Local Government Unit is a central support and advice area for the Island’s Local Authorities, as is the Legislation Unit which, in addition to carrying out its main role of progressing the department's legislative programme, also provides guidance on the legislation in place governing local authorities.

For details on the functions carried out by the Island’s local authorities, to view their contact details or access copies of the legislation governing these bodies, visit: 

  • Local Authorities – sets out the functions carried out by the local authorities, including those transferred in 2015 such as gully emptying, hedge trimming, street sweeping, removal of weeds etc

  • Local Authority Contacts – the postal and email addresses of all the Clerks along with their contact telephone numbers, and office opening hours

  • Local Authority News – information and news about local authorities, including any ongoing or upcoming public inquiries

  • Local Authority Elections – guidance booklets for candidates and voters can be found here, along with FAQ’s and other information relevant to the local elections

  • Guidance and Legislation – copies of local authority guidance booklets can be found here, such as, the ‘General Information Handbook for Members and Officers of Local Authorities’ and ‘Corporate Governance Principles and Code of Conduct Guidance’ etc. Also, refers to some of the main items of legislation governing local authorities.  

  • Local Authority Accounts – local authorities are required to produce a yearly statement of accounts and more information

  • Local Government Superannuation – a copy of the 2012 Scheme can be found here along with other related documents

  • Trees and High Hedges – sets out advice and guidance along with details of who to contact in your local area should you be experiencing problems with trees and/or high hedges

Freedom of Information

Please view Freedom of Information should you wish to make a request to a Local Authority for information created on or after 11 October 2011.


For advice on Local Authority matters, or for information regarding the Department’s legislation, please contact:

Tracey Woods

Administrative Officer

Local Government Unit

Department of Infrastructure

Sea Terminal Building


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 685900


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