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Standard Construction Details

The Highway Services Division publishes a list of drawings, which detail the standard construction method to be utilised for works undertaken within the Public Highway.

Drawing NumberDescription
SD001 Typical Carriageway Construction
SD002 Typical Footway Construction
SD003 Transverse Joint
SD004 Longitudinal Joint
SD005 Kerbing Details
SD006 Pedestrian Crossing
SD007 Manhole Type A
SD008 Manhole Type B
SD009 Manhole Type C
SD010 Road Gully
SD011 Rodding Eye
SD012 Post and Wire Fence
SD013 Timber Post and Rail Fence
SD014 Timber Field Gate
SD015 Manx Stone Wall
SD016 Shallow Duct Chamber
SD017 Bus Kerb Detail
SD018 Pedestrian Island
SD019 Pipe Bedding Details
SD020 Private Access
SD021 Alternative Private Access
SD022 Visibility Splay
SD023 Services Disposition
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