Highway and Asset Management

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9am to 5pm Monday-Friday

Highway and Asset Management

Sea Terminal


Isle of Man


The Highway and Asset Management Section is based at the Sea Terminal in Douglas, and provides the following functions:

Asset Management

Responsible for maintaining all Department assets in terms of structures. Major assets include:

  • Douglas harbour flagate and lift bridge

  • Peel Harbour flapgate and swing bridge

  • Douglas harbour linkspan

  • All-island harbour breakwaters and piers

  • All-island highway bridges and retaining structure

Asset Engineering

Acts as a Civil and Structural Engineering consultancy service internally and for other Government Departments. Services provided include:

  • Acts as a Civil and Structural Engineering consultancy service internally and for other Government Departments

  • Structural design and calculation

  • Structural inspection and assessment

  • Project management


Responsible for:

  • Temporary traffic orders to facilitate work and events
  • Producing Traffic Regulation Orders to introduce restrictions on roads; for example, speed limits or waiting restrictions

Parking Control

Responsible for parking enforcement on the Island, including abandoned vehicles.

Management Systems 

Responsible for developing and improving the Department's management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, to improve efficiency and organisation within the Department.


Acts as the custodian of the Island's Mapping Service. Responsibilities include: 

  • Map survey

  • Data licencing

  • GIS project provision

  • Commercial publications

  • Liaison with other jurisdictions mapping agencies

Network Planning

Acting as the Highway and Traffic Authority and the long term highway asset management strategy. Services provided include:

  • Development Control

  • Engineering solutions to ensure the safe and efficient movement of all highway users

  • Proposals to maintain and improve the highway network and Public Rights of Way

  • Ensuring that all work on the highway is undertaken in a safe coordinated manner and to a standard that does not compromise the integrity of the highway

  • Ensuring that all work and events on the highway does not compromise the safety or create undue congestion

Quality and Performance

  • Ensuring compliance with approved quality criteria and technical standards and specifications

  • Implementation of quality control procedures in order to encourage the continued improvement in project delivery