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Primary Marine Legislation

The aim of this new marine legislation is to ensure a sustainable approach to marine development and provide additional clarity and certainty of the consenting process for potential developers. 

The introduction of new primary marine legislation will fulfil the Department’s commitment to Tynwald to put in place a single consenting system for large-scale developments for the Isle of Man’s territorial seas. 

This new consenting process would deal with applications for activities such as offshore renewable energy projects, submarine cables and pipelines, gas drilling, carbon capture and storage and the commercial extraction of aggregate and associated works. For all other applications, the current legislation will continue to be applied. 

Planning for the Isle of Man’s marine environment is a key part of the Department’s efforts to support Government’s national priority of growing the economy. 

The new primary marine legislation was approved by Tynwald in May 2016, and the Department is working to prepare the necessary secondary legislation to accompany it. Until such times as all of this has been approved and implemented, the current legislation and consenting process will continue to apply. The Department has published guidance for parties interested in developing within the Isle of Man’s territorial seas. This Guide highlights the legislative framework and consenting processes currently in place.

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