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Guide to Developers

The purpose of this Guide to Developers is to provide anyone with an interest in developing within the Isle of Man territorial seas with an overview of the legislative framework and an indication of the associated consenting processes which apply in that area. It will also provide indicative guidance on the application process, how that application will be considered, a summary of the known initial development considerations based on the Manx Marine Environmental Assessment and supplementary guidance provided by relevant stakeholders. 

The Guide relates primarily to large scale developments which most likely will require consenting for under more than one piece of legislation. Smaller scale activity will continue to be consented for under the Harbours Act 2010 and / or the Water pollution Act 1993 without the need to follow the process in this guide. 

There is currently no one bespoke piece of legislation covering marine developments in the territorial seas. At present there are various pieces of legislation across Government, each of which cover different aspects. Any one development proposal may require consideration under one or more pieces of legislation. The Department of Infrastructure is committed to preparing primary legislation for the marine area but until such a time that this is in place, the extant legislation will remain in force. 

Note: This Guide to Developers is written in general terms and it is not intended to be a complete or authoritative statement of law. Only the official wording of Acts, Regulations and Orders, and the interpretation given by the Courts are authoritative. No responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions, or their consequences.

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