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Tromode Road Improvement Scheme

After a successful initial public consultation held on Tuesday 6 July, the DOI have arranged a further public consultation to meet demand and for those unable to attend the initial meeting.

The next meeting will be held at the Cronkbourne Cricket Club on 20 July at 7pm.

The Department delivered a presentation to explain the outline design detail the Department is considering. The objective being to improve Tromode Road by making it safer and to encourage active travel in and out of Douglas.

The first consultation was very well attended by many of the local residents who asked questions about the design and the underpinning objective.  The comments and suggestions have been captured and will be considered by the Design Team.

Consultation has already taken place with DEFA and further consultation is planned with other stakeholders.

The scheme has three primary objective:

  1. Improving the substandard road widths and alignments
  2. Building river flood defence wall
  3. Improving pedestrian and cycle infrastructure to encourage active travel

If you have any questions or would like further information prior to the next public consultation on the 20 July 2021, please contact or telephone +44 1624 685405.

Tromode Road Improvement Scheme Before 1 Tromode Road Improvement Scheme After 1

Tromode Road Improvement Scheme Before 2 Tromode Road Improvement Scheme After 2

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