Blackhill to Abbotswood, Ballasalla

This project consists of the reconstruction of the carriageway on a section of the St Marks Road between Abbotswood Estate and the bottom of Black Hill, a distance of approximately 550 metres. This section of road has been identified by Road Condition Surveys as having a poor ride quality, low residual life and poor drainage.

The carriageway reconstruction consists of removable of granular fill and the bituminous material, and relaying of a granular sub-base, and 240mm of bituminous material in three layers. New highway drainage will be installed to alleviate drainage problems.

The finished scheme will provide a road with a design life of 40 years and which is capable of meeting traffic requirements throughout its proposed life span. Work will require a full road closure due to the width of the road. The closure will be managed in sections to maintain access for residents and businesses.