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Countryside Access Group (CAG)

The Countryside Access Group is made up of various Government Departments with public access area or responsibilities and public representatives from various local bodies which utilise the Manx countryside. This is not a decision making forum but access issues are discussed with Government representatives and upcoming works or changes can be explored to ensure all users are heard. Representatives can also bring forward issues or cultural shifts they have noticed while utilising the countryside that Government Officers may not be aware of. The group is not a complaints forum and any maintenance issues should be brought to the attention of the relevant Department.

The group is made up of representatives from the following:


  • Department of Infrastructure
  • Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture
  • Department for Enterprise


  • Manx National Heritage
  • Manx National Farmers Union
  • Manx Wildlife Trust
  • British Horse Society
  • Auto Cycle Union

Local Groups and Businesses

  • Manx Footpath Conservation Group
  • 4x4 Club
  • Wooden Spoon Wheelchair Sports Club
  • Druidale Motor Club
  • Trail Riding Isle of Man

The meeting is also attended on occasion by the Department of Infrastructure Minister.

Current and upcoming work/projects

CAG has been informed of and/or proposed that the following works and projects will be undertaken:

  • Raad-Ny-Foillan Improvements – Port Mooar, Port Grenaugh, Niarbyl
  • Millennium Way, Narradale Boardwalk
  • Countryside Code – Introduction to IOM
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