Road Safety Challenge

Road Safety Challenge

We Asked

In order to better understand the Isle of Man community’s views on Road Safety and thoughts about how Road Safety Issues could be tackled, an online challenge was published in April 2018.   This gathered suggestions from the general public on how to make the Island’s roads safer.  

Using the Isle of Man Government Dialogue site, members of the public could post their ideas, which could then be seen by everyone else to comment on and rate.

You Said

178 suggestions were submitted via the Dialogue site. There were also a small number of submissions outside of the Dialogue site.

We grouped the suggestions into themes of similar topics (for example, penalties for motoring offences covers a variety of suggestions made relating to speed, mobile phones, seat belts etc).   Overall there were 65 suggestion themes.

We Did

The Road Safety Partnership reviewed your suggestions and it has given us a better understanding of the issues the Isle of Man community feel is important in using their roads.   This has helped us to form our first cross-Government Road Safety Strategy which was approved by Tynwald on 15 January 2019.

Having reviewed the 65 themes the public has suggested, we responded to each of these as follows.  

  • 24 of these themes were already identified for inclusion within the Road Safety Action Plan
  • 21 of these themes have been included within the Road Safety Action Plan as a ‘public generated action’
  • Those actions that were not included in the action plan were generally due to the suggestion is already in place, the suggestion falling outside the scope of the Road Safety Strategy or there not being the evidence to support the suggestion. Where this is the case this can be seen in the response column.