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On this page you will find information covering a range of topics on cyber security, protecting your information and best practise when using computers and other electronic devices.

We now have our own website,, where you will find most of the content on this page in a much more accessible format. Please note, we are currently in the process of moving and adding more content to the new website.

Topics and Themed Resources

10 Online Safety Tips (Poster)

A Guide to Ransomware (Poster)

A Guide to Phishing

Back to School Online Safety (Video Animations)

Back to School Online Safety (Posters)

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Tips Poster

A Guide to Email Account Compromise

Get Cyber Aware This Christmas (Festive poster)

OCSIA Phishing Basics (Video Animation)

Safe Online Gaming Tips (Poster)

Online Safety for Older Persons (Leaflet)

Parental Control Settings (Poster)

Password Security (Video Animations)

Romance Fraud Advice (Posters)

Securing your Internet of Things (IoT)/Smart Devices (Infographic)

Social Media and Privacy (Poster)

Second-Hand Device Security (Infographic)

Using Smart Security Cameras Safely (Infographic)

Holiday Scams Guidance (Poster)

Ticket Fraud Guidance (Poster)

Social Media Account Compromise & Scams (Poster)

Poster Alerts

Ransomware Alert (Poster)

Vishing Alert (Infographic)

Verification Scams Alert (Poster)

Other Resources and Infosheets

Cyber Awareness Quiz Sheets – Basic Collection 01

Cyber Basics Flashcard Infosheets - Basic Collection 01

Cyber Basics – Infosheets 01 – Passwords and 2FA

Cyber Basics – Infosheets 02 – Anti-virus and Privacy

Cyber Basics – Infosheets 03 – Updates and Backups

Student Online Safety (Get Safe Online Leaflet)

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