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OCSIA Advisory Notices

On this page you will find an archive of public advisory notices and warnings published by the Office of Cyber-Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA).

The documents made available on this page have been published as part of OCSIA’s ongoing aim to provide relevant and timely advice to the general public and businesses on the Island relating to cyber security and protection of our information.

The advice and guidance provided in these documents were correct at the time of publishing.

We now have our own website,, where you will find most of the content on this page in a much more accessible format. Please note, we are currently in the process of moving and adding more content to the new website.

Latest Advisory Notices and Warnings

13/12/2021 – Advisory: Apache Log4j RCE Vulnerability

20/10/2021 - Scam Alert: Classified Ads Buyer Scams

22/09/2021 - Advisory: VMware vCenter and Cloud Foundation Vulnerabilities

15/09/2021 - Advisory: Microsoft and Apple Security Updates

10/09/2021 - Advisory: Microsoft MSHTML RCE Vulnerability

09/08/2021 - Advisory: Patching Against Vulnerabilities

16/07/2021 - Advisory: SonicWall SRA & SMA Vulnerability

01/07/2021 – Advisory: MS Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability (Updated: 02/07/2021)

28/05/2021 - Advisory: Apple Device Updates

14/04/2021 - Advisory: MS Exchange Vulnerability

19/03/2021 - Advisory: New Mirai Botnet Variant

05/03/2021 - Advisory: Dark Web activities related to bypassing 3DS

03/03/2021 - Advisory: Microsoft Exchange Updates for Vulnerabilities

26/02/2021 - Advisory: VMware Critical RCE Vulnerabilities

13/01/2021 - Advisory: Scam Emails, Phone Calls and Text Messages

15/12/2020 - Advisory: SolarWinds Orion Compromise

08/12/2020 - Advisory: Common Vishing Scams

03/10/2020 - Advisory: Managed Service Providers - What are the cyber threats

15/10/2020 - Advisory: Microsoft October Security Patches

08/10/2020 - Advisory: Cisco Security Updates

28/09/2020 - Advisory: Netlogon Vulnerability

26/08/2020 - Advisory: Compromised Facebook and Other Social Media Account Scams

16/07/2020 - Advisory: Microsoft Windows DNS Server Vulnerability

31/03/2020 – Guidance: Working from Home - Conference Calling

30/03/2020 - Advisory: COVID-19 - Cyber Threat Landscape

17/03/2020 - Advisory: Working Securely from Home

10/03/2020 - Advisory (Supplement): Ransomware - Additional Preventative Measures

25/02/2020 - Advisory: Malware Spreading Through Wi-Fi

19/02/2020 - Advisory: Protecting yourself from Ransomware

04/02/2020 – Advisory: Bank Mandate and Invoice Fraud

15/01/2020 - Advisory: Citrix ADC and Gateway Vulnerability

13/01/2020 - Advisory: Iran and US Tensions - Increased Cyber Risk

03/12/2019 – Advisory: Scam sellers on local 'buy and sell' sites

02/12/2019 – Advisory: Business Cyber-Hygiene

29/10/2019 – Advisory: Microsoft ending support for Windows 7 and 2008 Server R2

28/10/2019 - Scam Alert: '419' Emails (Phishing)

14/10/2019 - Scam Alert: 'Sextortion' Emails

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