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Monitoring Boards

Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) Secure Care

IMB duties are defined in the Secure Care Home Custody Rules 2002, Sections 45-52.

The main function of the board is to monitor the Isle of Man’s Secure Care Home for young people such that the board 'shall satisfy itself as to the state of the premises of the home, the administration of the home and the treatment of the detainees.'

The legislation notes that members of the board shall:

  • have access to the records of the home

  • visit the home frequently

  • have access at any time to every part of the home and to every detainee and may meet with any detainee out of the sight and hearing of care workers and

  • arrange a rota whereby at least of if its members visit home between meetings of the board

Members to the Board are recruited from the community and are appointed by the Minister for the Department of Home Affairs and hold office for an initial period of 3 years. 

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