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Prison Healthcare Service

GordonSince becoming the responsibility of Community Health Services, in 2007, the prison healthcare department has become adept at focusing on the health needs of some of the island’s most vulnerable individuals.  

The department is run by a dedicated team of registered nurses and paramedics; and functions as an independent General Practice. Medical services are provided by Ramsey surgery; and the department also utilises community dental services, DAT/Mental Health psychiatrist, visiting optician, mental health nurse, and psychologist. Other service providers include DrugAware, GamCom and Cruse. 

We are passionate about promoting health to individuals who would not otherwise engage in such activities; and encourage all of our patients to take advantage of vaccination programmes (including hepatitis A/B and influenza) available within the prison. 

Our ethos is rudimentary: we aim to provide our patient’s with the same health opportunities and treatment as would be available to them in the greater community; irrespective of their crime or conviction. 

Health cover is provided by the department at the following times:

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 8:30pm
Weenkends and bank holidays 8:30am - 17:30pm

Overnight cover is provided by MEDS. We have no inpatient facilities. 

We are keen to demystify the role of the prison nurse and, in April 2013, held our first prison nursing seminar, ‘Nursing Behind Closed Doors’; as a means of increasing awareness into our role, and helping improve working relationships between ourselves and other health providers who may come into contact with our patients.

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