Maintaining contact with prisoners

Staff at the Isle of Man Prison understand and appreciate that having a friend or family member sent to prison can be a stressful time.

It is important for prisoners to keep in touch with their families and friends. This can help prisoners cope better with being in prison and make it easier for them to settle back into normal life after they are released.  Maintaining contact with families and friends also reduces the risk of re-offending.                   


Writing letters as a means of communication is not as popular as it once was, however for a prisoner, receiving a letter is an important connection with a friend or family member.

All prisoners are entitled to send 1 free letter per week and in addition, may send out as many other letters as they wish, at their own expense. Envelopes and writing materials can be purchased from the prison canteen.


The prison operates a credit PIN phone system. Prisoners who want to make phone calls are required to provide details of the names and telephone numbers of family members and friends they wish to call. Prison staff verify that those people identified are happy to receive calls from the prisoner.

All prisoners have a virtual ‘personal cash account’ held on their behalf, which can be used in order to credit the telephone system prior to making telephone calls, subject to certain parameters and system validation.

Visiting a prisoner

Visiting a prisoner is not commonplace for the majority of the general public, so we hope that the Frequently Asked Questions (link on the right) will help provide sufficient information and help to allay any concerns.