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Independent Adjudicators

With effect from 1st July 2017 the Appointments Commission has appointed two Independent Adjudicators for the Isle of Man Prison further to the powers provided by part 3A of the Custody Rules 2015. These Independent Adjudicators will each serve a three year term of office.

The role of the Independent Adjudicator will be, when required, to inquire into allegation of breaches of prison discipline that have been referred to him or her by the Prison Governor. Examples of charges that may be considered include assaults upon detainees or officers; escaping or absconding from an institution or legal custody; or possession of drugs, alcohol or an article prohibited from an institution.

It is the responsibility of the Independent Adjudicator to conduct an inquiry into such alleged breaches of prison discipline and, if the prisoner has been found guilty, to impose an appropriate punishment. Such punishments may range from a caution to the award of up to 180 additional days in custody. With regard to the latter, the Department has approved the issue of guidance to adjudicators on the appropriate amount of additional days punishment to be imposed with regard to such offences. These guidelines will be reviewed and developed from time to time to ensure they are proportionate, dissuasive and meet the overall requirements of the Isle of Man Prison.

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