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Health and wellbeing

The Isle of Man Prison has a primary duty to keep in custody those committed by the courts, and also to maintain and improve the health of prisoners and protect and promote the health of staff.


The Healthcare team, part of the primary care group, aims to provide a high standard of healthcare and deliver a range of healthcare opportunities for all prisoners equal to those provided in other primary care settings. The aim is to encourage prisoners to improve their health by promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Mental health – a team of professionals looks after the needs of prisoners who have mental health problems and difficulties with issues such as stress, anxiety and coping.

Suicide risk management – the key aim of the prison’s Suicide Risk Management Strategy is to assume a shared responsibility for those deemed to be at risk. If any member of staff is concerned about the wellbeing of any prisoner, they will inform a member of the Healthcare team, to ensure positive action is taken to help.

Eating for health – the prison catering department produces a balanced multi choice nutritious menu and all food is freshly prepared in the prison kitchens. A large proportion of the fresh vegetables are cultivated by prisoners who work in our horticulture department.

Tobacco use – smoking is not permitted throughout the establishment for staff, prisoners and visitors.

Physical education – is available to all prisoners at Jurby where the philosophy is ‘sport for all’. All prisoners are catered for, regardless of age or fitness level. Those who wish to take part undergo an induction, where their fitness is assessed by trained staff.

Physical education is facilitated through set programmes where a wide range of activities are available, including walk and talk sessions, football, circuit training and racquet sports such as badminton and soft tennis as well as indoor bowls.  A separate purpose gym also exists, containing weights and cardiovascular equipment.

Physical fitness is a perfect stress release activity which provides the opportunity to improve the feelings of self worth and self esteem.

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