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Addressing behaviour in custody

The Isle of Man Prison is committed to an Incentive and Earned Privilege (IEP) Scheme which complements the discipline system by rewarding good behaviour. It is intended to encourage all prisoners to behave responsibly and to participate in constructive activity.

This scheme creates a more disciplined, controlled and therefore safer environment for prisoners and staff. It should also contribute to the reduction of re-offending by encouraging prisoners to lead law abiding, productive and healthy lives.

There are 3 IEP levels:

Standard level

All prisoners will begin life in custody on standard level. This will provide prisoners with various privileges such as 3 to 4 sessions of gym per week and the opportunity to pay for access to in-cell television. In order to maintain such privileges, a compact, depicting the behaviours and attitude expected, must be signed and agreed by each prisoner.

Enhanced level

Prisoners, whose continued standard of behaviour, attitude and work ethic is exceptionally good, can be rewarded by attaining enhanced Level. These prisoners will receive similar privileges as those prisoners on standard level but in greater volume.  For example, enhanced prisoners will have access to more TV channels, additional gym sessions and can be selected to take part in a specially arranged family visit, which is an all day event, over and above the usual visit entitlement and allows for greater interaction between parents and their children.

Basic level

Prisoners will be placed on basic level if they have failed to meet the criteria for the standard and enhanced levels. Prisoners on basic regime are not permitted to wear their own clothes and instead are issued with prison clothing. Their entitlements are reduced to ‘basic’ with no access to in-cell TV and reduced opportunity to attend gym sessions etc. Basic level prisoners may continue to participate in normal regime activities, including work, exercise (time in the open air), education, treatment programmes and religious services and they will be allowed access to purchase items from the prison canteen (i.e. shop).

The aims of the IEP system are to:

  • encourage responsible behaviour by prisoners
  • encourage effort and achievement in work and other constructive activity by prisoners
  • encourage all prisoners to engage in custody planning and benefit from activities designed to reduce re-offending
  • create a more disciplined, better controlled and safer environment for prisoners and staff.

These aims are achieved by ensuring privileges are earned through good behaviour and performance, and are removed if a prisoner fails to maintain the required standards.

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