Emergency Planning Unit

The Emergency Planning Unit provides advice on business continuity planning, both inside Isle of Man Government and to the private sector.

Additionally, the unit assists in writing, testing and exercising a wide variety of emergency plans by assisting in the running of both table top and live exercises.

Ian YoungEmergency Planning Coordinator Ian Young, pictured, is based at the Department of Home Affairs and can be contacted at:

Emergency Planning Unit and Civil Defence Headquarters

Tromode Road



Telephone:+44 1624 694317 or for assistance out of hours +44 7624 453337

Email:Send Email

Ian oversees the Isle of Man Civil Defence Corps who train every Wednesday evening and are available to enhance the community safety and resilience on the Isle of Man.

The full establishment of the Island’s Civil Defence is 50 members, which are divided into 5 teams, each with a team leader, and a Commandant, Tony Glen, overseeing the teams.

Volunteers, aged between 18 and 65 years, provide support in a variety of emergency situations working alongside other frontline agencies such as the Constabulary, Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance and Coastguard to help maintain community safety.

As well as coordinating a multi agency response to support other emergency services, the Emergency Planning Unit is responsible for maintaining the all-Island public warning siren system. The 31 sirens around the Isle of Man are routinely tested quarterly, normally at 11am on the first Saturday of January, April, July and October. During the test the sirens sound a steady note for 30 seconds signifying all clear. In an emergency the sirens will sound a rising and falling note for 3 minutes in which case you should go in, stay in and tune in to local radio stations to await instructions specific to the emergency.