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Emergency Planning Unit

Civil Defence Land Rover in the snowThe Emergency Planning Unit assists in preparing, testing and exercising a variety of emergency plans for Government Departments and Statutory Bodies. The Unit also provides advice on Business Continuity Plans to other government departments. The Emergency Planning Officer chairs the local Resilience Group where emergency services, government departments and critical national infrastructure representatives meet regularly to work together to identify any possible issues, develop plans and ensure a rapid response to any emergency

The Isle of Man Civil Defence Corps also falls under the remit of the Emergency Planning Officer. This group of dedicated volunteers are on call 24/7 365 days a year. The Civil Defence Corps is established to enhance and support the Island’s emergency services and to provide resilience to the public in times of civil emergencies.

About the Isle of Man – the local risk context 

The Isle of Man has a total area of 572 square kilometres including 160 km of coastline and Territorial Waters extend to 12 miles beyond the coastline. The Island has a resident population of 84,069 with the majority living in Douglas. The Island is broken up into 4 towns, 4 villages and 16 smaller parishes. There are 8 harbours around the Island and Ronaldsway Airport is the main civilian airport. There are 3 power stations and the Island has two hospitals – Noble’s Hospital and Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital.

Identified major risks in the Isle of Man 

It isn’t possible to foresee every emergency or to prepare plans for every scenario.  However, there are many incidents that create similar problems that the Emergency Planning Groups consider when planning and assessing risk..

The Emergency Planning Groups have identified the following major risks for the Isle of Man:

Event Safety Advisory Group 

The Group’s main objective is to provide a ‘one-stop’ notification process for event organisers to make sure that regulators and emergency responders are notified of your event. The Group also provides guidance to event organisers.

The Group meets bi-monthly or more regularly during busy event periods.

The following responder organisations participate:

  • Isle of Man Constabulary
  • Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service
  • Isle of Man Ambulance Service
  • Isle of Man Coastguard
  • Isle of Man Civil Defence Corps

The following organisations also participate:

  • Department of Infrastructure
  • Cabinet Office
  • St John Ambulance
  • Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture
  • Department for Enterprise
  • Douglas Borough Council
  • Bus Vannin

To notify the Group about your event please use the Event Notification form and submit this form at least one month prior to your event. 

The form can be returned via email:

Or by post to:

Event Safety Advisory Group
Emergency Planning Unit
No 1 Drill Hall Cottages

It will be circulated electronically from there to all the group members. If you would like to attend a meeting to discuss your event you can indicate this on the form.

Once reviewed by the group we may contact you for further information or invite you to a meeting.

The Emergency Planning Officer Jane Kelly is based at the Department of Home Affairs and can be contacted at:

Emergency Planning Unit and Civil Defence Headquarters

No 1 Drill Hall Cottages
Tromode Road

Telephone: +44 1624 694317 or for assistance out of hours +44 7624 331673
Email: Send Email

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