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Criminal Justice Board

The Criminal Justice Board was convened as part of the introduction of the Criminal Justice Strategy in December 2012.

The Board consists of representatives from the Department of Home Affairs, Isle of Man Constabulary, Isle of Man Prison and Probation Service, Attorney General’s Chambers, Treasury, General Registry and the Isle of Man Law Society.

The Criminal Justice Board:

  • Engage in partnerships with Departments responsible for social policies to prevent entry and re-entry into the CJS
  • Agree and define corporate targets for the criminal justice system 
  • Monitor and review key performance indicators and benchmarking, ensuring that the needs of priority groups are being met 
  • Agree the priority for any legislative changes required to deliver the strategy 
  • Report to the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs on progress at least quarterly who will then report tot eh Council of Ministers annually 
  • Report to the Social Policy Committee at least annually 
  • Provide strong and clear leadership and commitment to the aims of this strategy within their organisations 
  • Address the challenges posed by the divergent cultures within the different organisations and work towards a sense of common understanding across all areas of the CJS 
  • Continue to identify future strategic direction and improvements 
  • Provide resources to assist in the delivery of this strategy 
  • Continue with external review of our performance, ie HM Inspectors
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