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Criminal Justice Service

CJS LogoIn December 2012 Tynwald unanimously approved the introduction of a Criminal Justice Strategy for the Isle of Man. This was a significant move towards a more strategic approach to crime and rehabilitation in the Island.

The Strategy outlined the set up of a Criminal Justice Board who would take responsibility for the future vision of an improved and more effective criminal justice system.  

At the request of the Criminal Justice Board, a Project Board was set up who would be responsible for the implementation and operational work of the Strategy.

The annual budget for the criminal justice system is over £14million per annum.  At a time of reducing crime levels it is essential that we review our practices and ensure the administration of our justice system is robust and offers value for money.  

It was highlighted that there is a lack of communication about what goes on in the criminal justice system and in order to effect change we need to be transparent about the work we do and how we propose to improve our services and efficiency. This Criminal Justice Service website is the first step in becoming more open and more accountable to the taxpayers of the Isle of Man. 

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