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Emergency Services Joint Control Room

ESJCRThe Emergency Services Joint Control Room is operated by the Communications Division of the Department of Home Affairs, which has responsibility for all matters in respect of Isle of Man Government radio communications.

Activity reporting

Every month the performance of the ESJCR and the TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) system is measured against stringent targets. The Isle of Man is the only jurisdiction that publishes these figures, see below. Past annual activity reports can also be downloaded on this page. Further archive data can be obtained if required, contact:

Communications Division

Telephone:Administration +44 1624 697300 or ESJCR +44 1624 697327* (please note this is a recorded line)

Email:Send Email

With regard to the ESJCR the target is to answer each 999 call within 5 seconds. Currently the average is 1.6 seconds for responding to emergency calls. These are exceptionally high target and performance figures.

The target for TETRA is to have the system available, in its entirety, 99.59% of the time on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis. The latest overall availability figure is an impressive 99.67%. 

Performance of TETRA System

ItemTargetJune 2020Cumulative Monthly AverageOverall Since
'Go Live'
Total System Availability 98.5% on 24/7 365 100% - 99.67%

ESJCR activities


DescriptionJune 2020Cumulative
Monthly Average 
Overall Since 'Go-Live'
Police 1,425 1,686 326,158
Ambulance 979 827 159,997
Fire 113 168 32,436
Total 2,517 2,681 518,591

999 calls

DescriptionJune 2020Cumulative monthly averageOverall since 'go-live'
Total 2,487 1,553 300,426
Average time to answer call (target 5 seconds) 1.6 secs - 1.5 secs
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