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Police Advisory Group

The Department of Home Affairs has established the Police Advisory Group for the purposes of advising the Department on maintaining and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the police force.

The group is not as an executive body but it acts in an advisory capacity and it is tasked to undertake such functions by the Minister for the Department of Home Affairs.

Every year the Department is required to lay before Tynwald a Policing Plan which contains the policies, objectives and priorities of the police service and the means by which it is intended that they be achieved. This is done after consultation with the Chief Constable, Police Consultative Forum and the Police Advisory Group who give direction and advice to the Department.

The Police Advisory Group is responsible for examining policing policies and initiatives, evaluating the progress of the police in complying with the Policing Plan, evaluating the Chief Constable’s Annual Report, reporting on crime and detection statistics and for providing advice and recommendations in relation to policing and crime prevention.

Where the group requires information from Island residents they would make a request to the Police Consultative Forum to consult accordingly.

The Department sees the Police Advisory Group as a valuable body that assists the Department and the Constabulary to ensure they can deliver an improved quality of life for the Island’s community by providing a world class police service, with community safety as its primary goal. The role of the group was reviewed in 2006 and it was agreed to extend its remit to include assistance to the Department in monitoring police performance.


Members of the Police Advisory Group are appointed by the Council of Ministers after consultation with the Department and would normally consist of up to 12 representatives being:

  • 1 member of the Department of Home Affairs
  • Members of Tynwald (representation from around the Isle of Man)
  • representatives from the community to represent appropriate organisations 

Membership takes into account the areas which the political Members represent to ensure Tynwald Members nominated allow for representation from the whole Island. In addition the Department recommends non Tynwald members from crime reducing groups, such as Crimestoppers and Victim Support.

In attendance, as determined by the membership of the group, will be the Department's Director of Administration and Legislation, the Chief and/or Deputy Chief Constable and a representative from the Police Federation and the Police Consultative Forum.

The group is chaired by a Member of the Department and meets normally every 2 months to consider the findings, reports and review objectives.

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