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AML Code contact details

Financial Services Authority

To find out more about how the Isle of Man's anti-money laundering legislation can help prevent international crime and terrorism, please contact -

  • Ashley Whyte on +44 1624 689377 or
  • Kelly Mercer on +44 1624 689353

For more information in this area from the FSA please visit AMLCFT Requirements and Guidance

Economic Crime Unit

The Economic Crime Unit (ECU) plays an important role in maintaining and protecting the integrity of the Island’s reputation as a well regulated premier finance centre.

The ECU is a multi-agency partnership consisting of highly trained police Officers supported by forensic accountants, analysts and support staff. The ECU is also supported by expert legal advice from the offices of the Attorney General.

Superintendent Jed Bibby is the Director of Financial and Cyber Crime, which is located at:

Economic Crime Unit
Department of Home Affairs
Isle of Man

Telephone:  +44 1624 631313

For more information about ECU please visit Economic Crime Unit     

Financial Intelligence Unit

The Isle of Man's Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) was established by the Financial Intelligence Unit Act 2016 (FIU Act 2016). Prior to the creation of the FIU the Island's financial intelligence function was one of the functions of the Isle of Man Constabulary Financial Crime Unit.

The FIU's purpose is to protect the integrity of the Isle of Man's financial system and contribute to the administration of justice through its expertise in detecting financial crime, countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

For more information and contact details for the FIU please visit Financial Intelligence Unit 

International Co-operation and Asset Recovery Team

The International Co-operation and Asset Recovery Team (ICART) forms part of the Prosecutions Division within the Attorney General’s Chambers and plays a central role in the Isle of Man's commitment to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and includes the specialised Asset Recovery Unit which identifies, restrains and recovers criminal assets in the Isle of Man.

For more information please visit International Co-operation and Asset Recovery Team



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