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Home Affairs

Head Office

Tromode Road


Isle of Man



+44 1624 694300


Gross Income £1,370,114, Gross Expenditure £37,809,215, Net Expenditure £36,439,101


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Minister: Hon Jane Poole-Wilson MHK

Chief Officer: Dan Davies

Political Members: 

  • John Charles Wannenburgh MHK
  • Rob Mercer MLC

The core purpose of the Department of Home Affairs is keeping people safe. We aim to improve the quality of life for Island residents and businesses by providing effective services for their safety, protection and security. The Divisions of the Department support every aspect of community in the Isle of Man, working twenty four hours every day to do so.

Organisational structure of the Department


The operational services of the Department are:

Isle of Man Constabulary


Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance


Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service


Isle of Man Prison and Probation Service


Isle of Man Communications Division


Chief Executives Office


Emergency Planning


Isle of Man Civil Defence


Other key responsibilities of the Department
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