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Home Affairs

Head Office

Tromode Road


Isle of Man



+44 1624 694300


Hon Jane Poole-Wilson


Dan Davies


Gross Income £1,183,000, Gross Expenditure £38,669,000, Net Expenditure £37,486,000


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The core purpose of the Department of Home Affairs is to ensure community safety in the Isle of Man. It aims to improve the quality of life for Island residents by providing effective services for their safety, protection and security.

The operational services of the Department are:

  • Isle of Man Constabulary (including Emergency Planning and Civil Defence)
  • Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service
  • Isle of Man Prison and Probation Service and
  • Communications Division

The administration of the Department is via the Chief Executive's Office, which exists primarily to support the operational services in achieving their aims and objectives, and to aid the Chief Executive in driving policy and strategy.

The Department is also responsible for establishing and maintaining the Police Consultative Forum, the Police Advisory Group and the Parole Committee, along with informal consultative bodies such as the Licensing Forum and the Firearms Consultative Committee.  In addition, the Department supports the activities of the Drug and Alcohol Strategy Group and the Safeguarding Children Board.

A further key aspect of the Department's work is on anti-money laundering legislation and the associated documentation. Further information on this matter can be found on this webpage.

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