Women and Children's Division

Welcome to the Women and Children's Division, Noble's Hospital which consists of 4 departments and outlying services in the community.  Within our core purpose teamwork is essential to improving our performance. Our division will endeavour to:

  • Deliver a high quality, safe and effective delivery of service to patients in the Isle of Man.
  • Modernise maternity and paediatric services in line with best practice, NICE guidelines and National Service Frameworks.
  • Secure the necessary resources to maintain current working and future proposals.

Meet the Management Team

Our services

Core values

We are committed to the principles of:

  • Striving to achieve a high quality, safe and effective delivery of services to patients on the Isle of Man.
  • Treating patients with courtesy and respect (and expecting the same in return).
  • Improving communication and striving to interact at all levels across the division and Department to serve the best interests of patients and staff.
  • Valuing our staff to develop their full potential by promoting professionalism, providing equality of opportunity for all and being committed to the principle of personal and career development.