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The Department of Health held its annual Top Team Award ceremony 10 March 2010 at Keyll Darree, Education and Training Centre, the winning team (Steve Sieling, Russell ThornHill, Raymond Beattie and Peter Smith) of this prestigious award was the Home Grown Ambulance Technician Project, by the DHSS Ambulance Services.(Left) from left to right, Steve Sieling, Alan Crowe, David Killip, Russell Thornhill, Ray Beattie and Tony Jones.


Home Grown Ambulance Technician Project Ambulance Service

Due to changes in Ambulance training and closures of training establishments in the UK, the Island’s Ambulance Service was having difficulties in finding training placements for recruits. This could have meant like other professions that we may have been attracted to recruiting qualified staff from other NHS Trusts which would have meant less job opportunities for local people here on the Island.

The runners up were:

Intensive Interaction Learning Disabilities - Social Services:

Cooilleen Bungalow provides 24 hour care for five adults with a profound learning disability. As a team we were aware that there were un-met needs, particularly for those that were at the pre-verbal stage i.e. who sent messages through behaviours such as sounds and body language. Working with the Speech and Language Therapist we found that Intensive Interaction gave us the opportunity to develop the communicative potential between both service users and staff. The team is: Clara Halsall, Jan Gordon, Lesley Tate, Geraldine Lamb, Kelly Marchbank, Lorraine Culligan, Nicki Ogden and Debbie Teare

Making a Difference at the Point of Care Programme, Clinical Governance Noble’s Hospital, Health Services:

Developing and supporting leadership across the organisation is key to ensuring the delivery of quality care. The development of leadership skills allows individuals to influence the care provided to patients and their carers. It is acknowledged that front line staff have the biggest impact on a patient's experience. A Clinical Leadership Programme already exists for those staff at Junior Ward Manager level, or equivalent, and above. A Leadership Steering Group monitors the progress and delivery of this programme. The team is: Sandra Pressley, Cathie Quine, Bev Critchlow, Shirley Crouch, Daz Sayle, Vicki Mitchell, Roz Richmond and Elizabeth Sawyer

'Keep 'em Clean Campaign' a Hand Hygiene Campaign Noble's Hospital, Health Services:

The Hand Hygiene Campaign Group launched their Keep 'em Clean Campaign on 13 July 2009. Their creative approach to the project instilled dedication and commitment to ensuring that the infection rates in the Isle of Man remained low.

Many activities took place during the month of the campaign, however, innovative approaches ensured that healthcare staff washed their hands prior to, and after, every patient contact. The team is: Margaret Knight, Sue Cowley, Maggie Meddings, Bev Critchlow, Gaynor Roberts, Daz Sayle and Dr Hanaa El Bassuoni

Each team had to deliver a 20 minute presentation to impress judges, Peter Ginty, Lecturer, International Business School, Anthony Pugh, Managing Director Manx Radio and Alice Martin, Director of Performance and Delivery, Chief Secretary's Office.

The presentations detailed the project work the teams have done over the past year and how this had benefited the department's services and the public.

The ceremony was opened by Hon W. E. Teare, MHK, Minister for Health and Social Security, who went on to say:

'It is an absolute delight to be able to have the pleasure of opening the ceremony for such an esteemed award. The teams short-listed demonstrate the dedication and commitment the Department has to continually making our services better. Congratulations to the winners, and the best of luck next year for the runners up.'

David Killip, Chief Executive Officer, Department of Health and Social Security, who presented the awards said:

'I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and present these teams with the awards they have so deservingly received. It give me great pride to present this Top Team Award to the Home Grown Ambulance Technician Project, Ambulance Services, but all the teams are ‘Top Teams’ in their own right.'
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