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2007 - 2008

And the Winner of DHSS Top Team Award 2007/08 is...

Supported Living Service

The Supported Living Service was developed as an alternative to the traditional model of residential care. Supported living enables adults with learning disabilities to receive the support they require in the home of their choice. It gives individuals the opportunity to determine how they live, with whom they live and what support they require to live their lives by separating out housing and support.

The team is Bryan Masterson, Elizabeth Gould, Susan Everitt, Margie Quirk, Kim Abbott, Mike Byrne and 3 service users - Wendy King, David Cain and Sarah Spencer who accompanied them

Runners up

The Expressions Group

The Expressions group, from Social Services, identified need for group therapy intervention aimed specifically at 15-19 year olds.

The programme offers an eight week closed group aiming to increase confidence, self awareness, communication and social skills whilst offering a transition from child to adult mental health services.

The team is Sarah Gordon, Johnny Fee, Riikka Kotiranta and Cathy Radcliffe

Promoting Safer Blood Transfusion Practice in IOM

The Isle of Man Hospital Transfusion Team is a multi professional group, which was established to improve the quality and safety of blood and blood product transfusions in the Isle of Man.

They are a professional pro-active team entirely dedicated to ensuring that safe and effective transfusion practices are established and maintained within Noble’s Hospital, Ramsey Hospital, Primary Care and Hospice care in order to make sustained and sustainable improvements for all patients.

The Team is Dr John Wardle, Cathie Quine, Chris Quine, Shirley Clucas and Tony McMaster

Runners Up - Macmillan Cancer Information Centre Volunteer Service

The Macmillan Cancer Information Centre has been established in the main entrance of Noble's Hospital to provide information and support to people affected by cancer. From this a team grew together to implement a new volunteer role to provide a wider support service to people with cancer.

The team is Daz Sayle, Theresa Grainger, Alison Lester, Carole Best, Debra Cooper, Pam Hartwell, Julie Morris-Clarke and Andrew Titley

The Department would like to express sincere thanks to this year's Top Team judges,

Ashton Lewis – CEO Manx Electricity Authority,

Carol Hunter – Freedom to Flourish Coordinator

Angela Gregory/Rachael Bruce – IOM Newspapers.

Congratulations to all teams who entered the Top Team Award

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