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2005 - 2006

And the Winner of the Top Team Award 2005/06 is..

Nutrition Action Group

The Noble's Hospital 'Nutrition Action Group' is passionate about improving patients' experience of food and nutrition in hospital, they have a genuine desire to make a real difference in this aspect of care, which is so important to patients.

The group wanted to provide patients with greater choice and ensure that patients' food was presented nicely, served at the correct temperature in a pleasant environment thus maximising the opportunity for patients to maintain, or increase their nutritional status.

The Team is Sue Christie, Ginette Hattersley, Shelagh Leonard, Peter Cain, Derek Peters, Carole Cheetham and Margo Ball.

The Runners up

DHSS Health and Social Care Teaching Team

The DHSS Health and Social Care Teaching Team delivers, amongst other things, the Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing Studies, which leads to a nursing registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. This course is a University of Chester course, which the team is accredited to deliver.

Their project aimed to develop 3 rigorous and reliable marking grids for use within the University of Chester School of Health and Social Care.

The Team is Donna Hart, Catherine Black, Carol Edwards, Dot Bronte Hearne, John Struthers, Mary Clark and Shirley Crouch

Older People Social Work Team, Fulfilling Lives

The Fulfilling Lives Exhibition held at the Villa Marina this year was the development of a similar exhibition held in 2004, which was designed to raise the profile of the team and provide information to the team’s client group about the services available.

The event attracted about 1000 visitors and successfully informed those who attended and was very useful as a feedback forum.

The Team is Mike Williamson, Linda Johnstone, Hannah Tagg, Karen Howard, Tim Norton and Charlotte Beattie

Jane Crookall Maternity Unit, Birthing Pool

Upon opening the new hospital, it became apparent that with demand for waterbirths rising and considering the cost of sending expectant mothers to the UK for this service that giving mothers the choice of a waterbirth in the Isle of Man was preferable.

The Birthing Pool Opened on November 1 2005 and the mother of the first baby born in the birthing pool was a midwife, which was the icing on the cake.

The Team is Mary Kelly, Sue Kirk, Barbara Roberts, Debbie Callister, Kier Morris, Margaret Kermode, Sandie Divers and Nicola Shaw

All featured achievements:

Clinical Leader with the Royal College of Nursing - Carole Cheetham (2005)

Awards for Noble's Hospital - Matron's Charter (2005)

Awards for Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital - Investors in People, HAP Accreditation (2005)

Chartered Scientist - Pathology Laboratory (Tony McMaster, Rory McCann, Paul Woods, Rebecca Southward, Barbara Standish, Chris Quine, Jonathan Martin and Karen Westcott) (2005)

Previous achievements:

N.H.S. Estates 'Building Better Healthcare Awards for Sustainable Development' - Mary O'Connor (2004)

W3C Accessibility Accreditation - DH Website received AA accreditation for accessibility (2004)

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