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Registration Application Forms

With the introduction of the Regulation of Care Act 2013 and new regulations the regulation of care services on the Isle of Man is undergoing a major transformation.

As a result of this our registration application forms have now changed.

Care service providers, members of the public, care commissioners and contractors of services and care service recipients are encouraged to make reference to the Act and regulations which clearly describe the obligations placed upon those who provide relevant care services on the Isle of Man. 

Guidance Note
Notes to help complete Application for Registration form
Childminder - Guidance for Registration
Guidance for Registration - Care Service
Guidance for preparing a 'Statement of Purpose'

We would encourage you to please read our above Guidance notes carefully before completing any of our Application forms below.

Application Form
Application for Registration - Additional services Existing Provider
Application for Registration - Individual/Partnership/Body Corporate
Childminder Application for registration - Childminder
Manager Application for Registration
Financial Information Consent form
Medical Opinion Form
Partners Application - Partnership
Amendment Application
Change of Responsible Person of Body Corporate
Authorisation - Persons over 16 with Childminder Application
Surrender Application
Application Surrender - Manager
Application Surrender - Childminder
Notification of change of purpose
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