Registration and Inspection Unit

Registration and Inspection Unit

1st Floor Belgravia House

34-44 Circular Road



Telephone:+44 1624 642422

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The Registration and Inspection Unit is responsible for ensuring that care services on the Isle of Man comply with the Regulation of Care Act and Regulations

The Unit registers services that provide care in the community. We register the following services and their managers:

  • Adult Care Homes and Adult Day Care Services
  • Children's Homes, Childminders and Child Day Care Services (nurseries)
  • Nurse Agencies
  • Domiciliary Care (home care and supported living)
  • Isle of Man Hospice
  • Offender Accommodation
  • Independent clinics and Independent Medical Agencies
  • Fostering and Adoption Services. 

Registration application forms and guidance notes can be obtained online. Each application is subject to an application fee.

The Unit's regulatory role is concerning the protection of individuals and to ensure that regulated services provide high standards of care, each service receives an annual inspection using Minimum Standards for that particular service. Services that we do inspect are required to notify the Unit no later than 24 hours from the occurrence of any death, illness and other events by completing these forms Notification of event form and Notification follow up form. Regulation of Care, (Care Services) Regulations 2013 Part 3 Regulation 8 Registered persons section 10 page 7).

The inspection process not only ensures that services are continuously improving but that the quality of care is monitored on a regular basis to achieve the best outcomes for anyone using these services. We publish our inspection reports online.

The unit provides various types of guidance and policies and circulars for the services it inspects.