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Registration and Inspection Team

Registration and Inspection Team

1st Floor Belgravia House

34-44 Circular Road



Telephone:+44 1624 642422

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The Registration and Inspection (R&I) Team are responsible for ensuring that Social Care services and several non-NHS health care services on the Isle of Man follow the Regulation of Care Act 2013 Regulations and Standards.

R&I assure high standards of care are provided for children, young people and vulnerable adults through effective inspection and regulation, to safeguard their welfare and ensure they are safe from harm.

Regulating the quality of care ensures continuous improvement and transparency to achieve the best outcomes for service users and their families.  

Inspection and Monitoring Reports

The services have an annual inspection and a report is produced following each inspection or monitoring visit.

These services and their managers are registered, inspected and it is the responsibility of the Registration and Inspection Team to publish the inspection reports. You can view each individual report for each service area on our Inspection reports page.

  • Adult Care Homes and Adult Day Care Services 

  • Childminders, Child Day Care Centres and Children's Homes

  • Domiciliary Care Agencies (home care and supported living)

  • Fostering and Adoption Services

  • Independent Clinics, Independent Medical Agencies and Independent Hospitals (Hospice)

  • Nurse Agencies 

  • Offender Accommodation Services 

If a service does not publish a report online, contact the R&I Team to arrange a suitable time to view the report at the DHSC Office or contact the service directly to view the report at the location.

For reports about services that were assessed by an external regulator go to the External Quality Regulation page.

Provider Information Area

For information on how to register a service, or guidance on how to complete a registration application or existing service change forms or policies that are applicable to a service, please visit the new Provider Information Area.

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