How do I see my records?

The Department helps many people with personal and family difficulties. To do this we ask for and keep information about you and your circumstances. This is confidential but certain information may be shared with other professionals working to meet your needs. 

What are our duties regarding the information we gather? 

The Data Protection Act 2002 sets out the law regarding personal information kept by organisations. We have a duty to keep your information confidential. A great deal of information is held on computer and we have a duty to implement safeguards to ensure that only authorised people have access to these computer and paper records.

All department staff are aware of their duty to keep any information about service users confidential. This also applies to other organisations we work with such as private care agencies and wider Government Departmental staff. 

Who will see my information? 

In order for the Department to give effective care, it is sometimes necessary for certain staff other than your practitioner to view aspects of your information.  Please be assured that our staff will respect your confidentiality. In cases where your practitioner is not available, it may be necessary for other professional people to have access to your information other than the person who collects it. Administrative staff, other employees of the Department and managers may need to be able to access it. In certain circumstances other professionals outside the Department, such as, Community Health, health professionals, GPs, voluntary & private care providers may need to see some of your information. 

Your consent 

Whenever possible, your consent is asked for before information is shared with other agencies. However, if there is particular information which you do not wish to be shared in this way, you should tell the person conducting your assessment. They will record this so that anyone from the Department who may deal with your case is aware of your concern. For example, you may not wish information to be shared with certain members of your family. You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. 

Can we disclose information about you without your consent? 

In certain restricted circumstances we can pass on information without your consent.

For example, we could do so in order to protect your safety in an emergency; in order to protect the safety of another person; or if ordered by a Court of Law to do so. 

How do I see my information? 

You can ask at any time and it can be arranged with the practitioner who is working with you. If we have been involved with you in the past or you require photocopies of your file please complete the application form at the bottom left of this page. There will be a charge for this. Once we have all the information from you, we must respond to your request within 40 days. If we do not, you have the right to complain to the Isle of Man Information Commissioner.

Can other people see my information? 

Apart from other professionals working to meet your needs other people including family can only see your file if you agree. Similarly you cannot see information about your family without their permission. A parent/guardian may have access to a child’s file when the child is too young to make their own request and where it is on behalf of the child.

Is there anything I can’t see? 

Sometimes information is given to us about you by a third party such as family doctors, hospital consultants, health visitors, teachers and members of the public. You are entitled to see that information and  in most cases know who gave that information to us. However, on some occasions we may not be able to tell you who gave us the information. Very occasionally we might withhold specific information about your health or condition if we have good  reason to believe it is likely to cause serious  harm to you or another person. 

What if I think the information is wrong?

If you think any facts about you, or your family are not true you should tell us and if they are wrong they will be corrected. If you do not agree with something written about you, your own views can be added. 

Where can I get more help? 
Please note our change of address

You can speak to the member of staff who you are working with at any time. You can also contact the Information Governance Team on +44 1624 686324 or write to:

Information Governance Team

Department of Health and Social Care

DHSC Digital

Cronk Coar

Noble’s Hospital