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Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital

Ramsey Hospital Services 

Martin Ward

The hospital houses a recently refurbished 31 bedded ward and accommodates individuals in need of assessment, rehabilitation and respite. A number of beds are also used for day cases (such as blood transfusions etc.). The aim of the ward is to provide step up and step down facilities to promote wellbeing and to ensure patients are looked after in the most appropriate place; and transferred on as appropriate.

The ward is staffed twenty four hours a day by a dedicated team of nurses and carers. Allied health professionals (including physiotherapists and occupational therapists) are also on hand to provide inpatient treatment. 

In 2014, the ‘Caring Rounds’ initiative was introduced on Martin Ward to reinforce the nursing staff’s commitment to quality care by ensuring that all fundamental needs of the patient are met. 

Minor Injuries Unit

This is a nurse-led unit run by experienced Advanced Practitioners with support from Ramsey GP surgery. The Nurse Practitioners are experienced and skilled in assessing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of minor illnesses and injuries, and will refer patients on to the appropriate speciality as required

Some of our nurses are also Non-Medical Prescribers, which qualifies them to both diagnose and prescribe medication for conditions within their scope of competence. 


Ramsey Hospital’s theatre suite deals with minor operations and endoscopies (a medical procedure by which the doctor is able to look inside the body).  The department also carries out ‘Capsular Endoscopies’ – a relatively new diagnostic procedure which involves the patient swallowing a small capsule containing a camera. This camera is capable of transmitting images as it passes through the stomach and bowels. 

Wound Management Clinic

This nurse-led clinic provides an invaluable service to patients with newly-acquired or long-standing wounds. All patients are assessed, treated and monitored by staff with extensive knowledge and experience in wound care; using clinically proven methods. 

Satellite Renal Clinic

The six-bedded renal unit provides a crucial role for patients with kidney problems who live north of the island. Affiliated to Nobles Hospital’s renal unit; it provides a safe and relaxed environment for patients to receive essential dialysis treatment; thus allowing them to live as normal a life as possible.


Outpatient Facilities

Ramsey hospital also accommodates numerous outpatient clinics and departments which include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, x-ray (part time) and blood clinics (including anticoagulation clinic). Each department is managed by suitably qualified professionals. 

 gold award

Ramsey staff receiving their Gold Award 2013 

‘I am very proud to lead and be part of a community facility team that strives to provide our patients and community with an excellent service; designed to meet the specific needs of our local population.’

Ginette Hattersley, Ramsey Hospital Service Lead      

GinetteGinette Hattersley is responsible for ensuring that high standards of care are delivered to all patients in a hospital which has served the north of the island since 1907 (See related links to find out more about the history of Ramsey Hospital). She took up her post in 2012 having spent twelve years working at Nobles Hospital.  

Originally from Yorkshire, Ginette qualified as a nurse in 1988 and has had a varied and successful career in medicine, oncology, and care of the elderly.  She holds a Batchelor’s Degree in Health Studies; and a Masters in Business Administration. 

Ginette hopes to build on Ramsey Hospital’s outstanding reputation; which includes being the recipient of the ‘Investors in People’ Gold Award in 2013.

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