Quarterly Reporting

For the past two years we have published our work programme only internally to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

From April 2017 we will make two changes to our previous approach:

  1. Issue our business plans and making them available to a much wider audience, including colleagues across government, the third sector and the public.
  2. Move to a three year rolling work programme which better reflects the timescales necessary to complete many public health projects.

By doing this we hope to extend awareness of public health work and use a new approach to the changes we have introduced over the last couple of years.

The Public Health Business Plan shows each work domain and the priority areas set for 2017 through to 2020. Quarterly reports on the progress on each of these priorities will now be made publicly available at the end of each quarter.

Quarterly Updates can be found using the following links:

Health intelligence

Health protection

Health improvement

Healthcare public health

Social marketing & project management

Collaborative Working

Each quarterly report will show one of the following indicators

Red The Project is Not Meeting Its Targets
Amber Issue Being Addressed
Green On Target
Blue Completed