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Public Health will continue to take forward work on areas which evidence shows will provide the greatest improvements in health and wellbeing.  The greatest improvements in health will come through the systematic reduction of risk factors across our population. The most significant risks to our health and wellbeing are currently overweight and obesity, oral health, drug and alcohol misuse, smoking, sexual health and poor emotional and mental health. 

We need to work systematically to alter our environment, improve lifestyles and reduce risk factors across our population. Prioritise interventions which will achieve change for the greatest number of people at affordable cost. Champion approaches that support individuals, families and communities in taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Work with partners across government, private and third sectors to get public health into all policies – supporting people to take responsibility for their own health by ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge and live in environments and communities where healthy choices are easy choices

Although much progress has been made, we know that there is still much to be done to contribute to the Isle of Man Government's strategic goals to achieve:

  • An inclusive and caring society
  • An island of enterprise and opportunity
  • Financially responsible government
  • Inclusive and caring island
  • Health and safe island

Our work is based on assessment of need (using local data about health and wellbeing in our population), evidence of what works, and a focus on outcomes and evaluation to check that we are making a difference.

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As of April 1, the Public Health team will now become part of the Cabinet Office, reporting to the Chief Secretary and Chief Minister.

Work is currently in progress with the Transformation team to enable the Public Health Directorate to comprehensively fulfil its advisory and guidance function to the entirety of the Isle of Man Government through the transfer to the Cabinet Office. 

Phase one of the project focused on the transfer of the Directorate (now complete) and phase two will embed the transition.  As part of this project delivery work will commence on the directorate strategy and workstream for the next five years.

See Critical restructuring projects: Recommendations 16, 17, 19 and 20 

2020-2021 Quarterly Reporting

Workstream project delivery for the Quarter 1 – April 2020 to end June 2020

Year End

2019-2020 Year end report

As a result of COVID-19 the final annual report for the period 2019-2020 links to the final updated report produced at the end of Q3, 2020.

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