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Public Engagement

We want to make sure that the people who rely on our health and social care system are at the centre of the work we do to continuously improve it.

Asking people about their values, needs and expectations is essential for creating legislation, policies, and services that are fit for purpose.

Listening to people’s experiences is essential for understanding how well our systems are working, so that we can plan improvements and fulfil our regulatory duties.

Giving people full, clear and accurate information about the work that we do is essential for building trust and giving people a say in their own care.

Read more about our commitment to involving the public in our Engagement Strategy.


Read the results of our consultation exercises.

Public, Patient and Service-User Representatives

We have two volunteer Public, Patient and Service-User (PPSU) representatives, who help us to connect with local community groups and third-sector organisations. Our PPSU representatives talk to different groups of people so they can help us understand the needs, concerns and values of patients and service-users.

They act as our critical friends by attending a range of department meetings and giving feedback on key department projects.


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